Amaran Popup Features:

  • Five positions (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, center)
  • Show on page load or on viewport event
  • Retrigger viewport popups if viewer scrolls back with timeout
  • Apply delay to popup after it has been triggered
  • Automatically remove popup after set time
  • Make popup sticky on screen until viewer closes it
  • Show popup with or without close button
  • Close popup upon click anywhere inside popup
  • Have multiple popups at the same time or clear all existing
  • Add font icon or icon image to popup to highlight purpose
  • Full tinyMCE editor for content; allows even shortcodes
  • Define color for icon, background, title bar and close button
  • Use one of four basic slide animations, fade animation, or one of 60+ CSS3 animations for entry and exit
  • Show popup with or without screen overlay
  • Select color and optional noise pattern for screen overlay

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